Hanshin Cable,
as manufacturer of wires and cables, has set ¡°Company progress through customer satisfaction is the highest value for Hanshin and all employees¡± as the quality policy and established the following quality goals to achieve this policy.
Therefore, the CEO appoints a quality executive to whom responsibilities and authority are assigned to establish the Company¡¯s quality management system in accordance with the Company¡¯s quality policy, goals, KS A 9001:2001 and ISO 9001:2000.

Through direct reports and consultations with the quality executive, CEO develops and implements appropriate measures to ensure proper operation of effective and appropriate quality management system.

All employees of Hanshin become familiar with the requirements of the Company¡¯s quality policy; implement them in daily work to produce excellent quality products and services; and perform continued quality improvements to meet customer needs.

December 15, 2006